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Marc Managing Director
John Managing Director

Shropshire Electrical Solutions LTD was born from the fusion of expertise and vision brought together by Marc Hammond and John Maddison. With Marc serving as the Communications and Operations Director, and John as the Technical and Operations Director, the company boasts a formidable combination of skills and experience across various sectors, including Commercial, Industrial, and Domestic installations.

Both Marc and John bring to the table an extensive background that spans every phase of electrical projects, from inception to completion. Their hands-on involvement in design, installation, testing, commissioning, Contract and Project management, as well as proficiency in Computer-Aided design and maintenance, underpin the company's commitment to delivering holistic solutions to their clients.

At the heart of Marc and John's vision lies a dedication to providing professional, affordable, and punctual electrical services. They understand that each client's needs are unique, and they pride themselves on their ability to think creatively and innovatively to meet those needs effectively.

Shropshire Electrical Solutions LTD isn't just about meeting the current demand; it's about creating a legacy of excellence within the industry. Marc and John envision their company becoming synonymous with high standards and unparalleled quality, setting a benchmark for others to aspire to. They aim to build lasting relationships with their clients, founded on trust, reliability, and outstanding performance, thus cementing their place as leaders in the electrical services sector.

Driven by their passion for their craft and their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, Marc and John are determined to carve out a rich history of achievements and milestones for Shropshire Electrical Solutions LTD. Their journey is not just about achieving success for themselves but also about elevating the standards of the industry as a whole, leaving an indelible mark for generations to come.


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