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Emergency Lighting

Did you know your business should have adequate emergency lighting in your premises  by law?

BS EN 1838 specifies escape and standby lighting requirements for businesses in the  event of a power failure.

S.E.S. Ltd can assist you in all areas associated with emergency lighting, including,

  • Escape route lighting: Exit route lighting is a type of lighting that illuminates routes to fire escapes and emergency exits and helps to guide occupants as they leave the building.

  • Open area emergency lighting: This type of emergency lighting is sometimes called “anti-panic” lighting and assists occupants when trying    too  find an escape from a building. Organisations install these lights in open areas to provide enough light to be able to escape safely in the event of an emergency or fire.

  • High-risk task area lighting: Some workspaces play host to extremely high-risk tasks. High-risk task area lighting needs to operate in the event  of an emergency to keep them illuminated long enough for workers to cease working, switch machinery off, put down tools, and move to safety.

  • Standby lighting: This type of lighting kicks in when the power goes out. But unlike the other types of emergency lighting, the law does not require it. Usually, power comes from a diesel generator and keeps the lights on until technicians restore mains power.

Give one of our technical advisors a call if you require more information or to book a site consultation.

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