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Commercial Work

Commercial buildings include many types of buildings, from offices, Retail, Multi Family, self- storage, Auto Repair Shops, Hotels, Pharmacies, Day-care Centres, and outdoor Entertainment Centres, etc.

However, commercial buildings can be classified into five categories:

  1. Leisure

  2. Retail

  3. Office

  4. Residential

  5. Healthcare

We have many years of experience in each of these categories. We specialise in advanced lighting systems, emergency lighting, state of the art fire alarm systems and much more. We offer full site surveys, installation, testing and inspection, commissioning, project and site technical logbooks and maintenance packages.

S.E.S Ltd. has a fundamental objective to provide a safe, comfortable, energy-efficient, and attractive environment for living, working, and enjoyment.

Today’s commercial buildings, because of their increasing size and complexity, have become more and more dependent upon adequate and reliable electrical systems and we believe S.E.S  Ltd is an industry leader in providing this at all levels of commercial work.

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