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Domestic  Work

Domestic electrical installations are within the scope of the Building Regulations. All new domestic electrical installations, together with specific alterations and additions to current installations, will have to be inspected and comply with strict electrical safety performance standards. The standards cover the design, installation, inspection and testing of domestic electrical work and the provision of information.

S.E.S Ltd is committed to reliability, safety and customer care. We are technically assessed by an external certification body to ensure that we meet all the relevant technical and safety standards and industry codes of practice.

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Industrial  work

Industrial electrical installations are perhaps more complex, as they are usually done on a bigger scale. The industrial bracket covers premises such as factories, warehouses, showroom buildings, and the like. They may have the same works done as our commercial and domestic clients but the scope for the works will be much bigger, and there will be much more work involved. The implementation and scale variations of building systems found in the industrial sector demands expert knowledge in the field. S.E.S Ltd understands that problems with your building services cost you time and money in your production. Please send us an enquiry if you require guidance on how  we can improve the running costs of your business.

Domestic Work
Industrial Work


Testing and Inspections

This is a vital part of every electrical job. An inspection and test are carried out to verify, so far as is reasonably practicable, that the requirements of BS 7671 (Wiring Regulations) and other relevant regulations have been met during the job itself and after completion.

Inspection and testing should also be carried out for all electrical installations at regular intervals. For example, an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) should be done for existing installations. It is applicable to all areas of electrical work whether this is domestic, commercial, or industrial.

The point of an inspection is to verify that the installed equipment:

  • Complies with relevant standards – this is normally a mark of certification by the installer or manufacturer.

  • Is the correct type and installed in accordance with regulations.

  • Not damaged or defective which would cause a safety issue.

The Inspection includes the checking of several items which are relevant to the installation.

S.E.S Ltd offers a full range of testing and inspections. Get in contact for a full breakdown and extra advice.

Testing & Inspection
Home Construction

Do you Need Help With Electrical Maintenance?

Our electrical repair and service options are proudly offered to clients. Give us a call today to schedule a free service estimate!

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