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Fire Alarm Systems

S.E.S Ltd can assist you with all aspects of choosing the right system for your building or business. We offer a full package, starting with site surveys, design, installation, testing and commissioning.

The choice of fire alarm system depends on the building structure, the purpose and use of the building and current legislation.

We can conduct a fire risk assessment and survey to establish the best route for you to take. Once this has been decided, we can begin to create the design. Our designer will need to ensure that certain information is available. This could be given in the specification, or it may have to be obtained by consultation. As well as the purchaser, there could be a requirement to consult with other interested parties.

It is also vital for a regular test to be undertaken to ensure that there has not been a major failure of the entire fire detection and fire alarm system that may otherwise go unnoticed. S.E.S Ltd. offers a quarterly care package to assist with the maintenance of your  system, please get in contact for more details.

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