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Emergency Lighting - Is It A Legal Requirement?

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

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British Standards state that emergency lighting is required in all commercial buildings such as hotels, hospitals, schools, offices and shops. However, it is also required and commonly installed in the common areas of shared dwellings such as an apartment block or in high occupancy buildings including college dormitories.

In many environments it is a legal requirement for emergency lighting to be installed so that in the event of a blackout sufficient light is provided to guide people out of the building whilst navigating around any obstacles in the way.

Regulations also state that any open area that is larger than 60 square metres should also have emergency lighting installed, such as a hotel function room or conference room.

It is recognised that during an emergency there is a high level of panic so having the area lit is important to avoid accidents.

It is important to note that there might be different emergency lighting requirements for different buildings. A building will be assessed and a set of emergency lighting requirements would be developed.


Therefore depending on the results of the assessment some buildings might require emergency lighting to maintain use for 3 hours whereas other buildings requirements might only demand an hour’s supply of emergency lighting.

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